Suede O. Kesller gloves


  • Brand: O. Kesler
  • Material: suede, inner poly lining
  • Features: Warm and soft
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Suede O. Kesller gloves:

I was pleasantly surprised after I saw these gloves their price, that these gloves are made of suede! There are many brands that would dare to charge a much higher price tag for this quality.

Nevertheless, O. Kesler has managed to offer the best price quality ratio


O. kesler is a Hungarian brand that makes all their gloves by hand.

Also, this small brand does nothing but making gloves so you can assume that they are experts in this segment. (And you’ll see that too)

Price quality ratio.

I know, I’m repeating myself.

But that’s just because I’m a happy customer myself, with them so I can’t stress enough how good they are for their price.

” the best bang for your buck” Is an English term that is often used when an article its price quality ratio are very strong.

And that money doubles as hard in this case with these gloves. When you have these in your own hands you see and feel how good the finish is.


The gloves are available in two colours.

Cognac a very elegant and timeless color.

Dark brown a color that fits nicely with many.


The inner lining of the gloves are made of a poly fabric so that your hands stay warm during colder days.

What size should I take?

Now most importantly, it is not always obvious to buy gloves online. Click here on this link to see how to choose the right size.

Note these important points when choosing gloves:

  • Always fit with your dominant hand.
  • See if your palm is easy to put in or comfortable in it.

One mistake that many make is that they look at their fingers.

If, like me, you only have a wide palm, in some cases you would think that the gloves are just too big for their fingers.

But that can’t do that much harm, as long as there’s a little surplus. (may not be half a finger on surplus))

What’s even more important is that you look at your palm, why? If your palm can’t get in, it doesn’t matter if the fingers have a little bit of excess. Because if your palm can’t get in, you can’t put the glove on.


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