“Gatsby” summer newspaperboycap from Stetson


“Summer Gatsby” summer newspaperboy cap from Stetson:

  • Model: Newspaperboycap
  • Brand: Stetson
  • Material: wool / linen
  • Fit: normal fit


“Summer Gatsby” summer newspaperboycap from Stetson

This summer’s newspaperboycap from Stetson is a timeless model making a comeback.

This model has been worn by young and old since the 1920s.

Some do not choose this model directly, because it is a bit larger than most other caps. Personally, I think it’s because of its size character.

A unique combination.

Stetson does not hesitate to experiment with unique compositions of materials.

When I first had this cap in my hands, I was 100% convinced that it was made of linen.

I could say that it felt a bit typical, because he still felt a little different than usual.

When I was told what composition it was, I understood it better.

The fabric is made of linen and wool told me toe. Thanks to its separate composition, the cap retains how light it feels, but without the crease. An annoyance to many when wearing linen.

It’s not the first time they’ve used this composition. The first time was with a winter variant(this cap),only the cap felt rougher and much warmer.

Like his wintry brother, this one is from Stetson’s ” heritage” series, which means in short that these are a limited set of resources per season, so run out.

Rustic color

The color is a bit like rust, but a little lighter. The fish bones complete the whole, giving the cap more structure than a cap made of one whole of color.

The fit.

Despite its size, this cap also does not feel too big when wearing and is comfortable.

Also, it does not fall flat thanks to the composition of the fabric. This is sometimes disappointing with some summer bites because they are made as light as possible, causing them to fall a little more flat, if they are made of a thin fabric.

this is absolutely not the case.

Below I have made an indicator of how loose or tight the cap feels.

Normal fit:





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