collapsible Borsalino hat


collapsible Borsalino hat:

  • Model: Fedora, Bogaert, etc….
  • Brand: Borsalino
  • Material: 100% fur felt (rabbit)
  • Features: can be transformed into any hat, can be rolled up, soft, light


collapsible Borsalino hat:

This foldable Borsalino hat is in my many de ultimate hat for hats and if I could only wear one for the rest of my life. Then it would definitely be this one. Below I briefly explain why I think this and why this could also be the best choice for you

Easy to put away.

It can sometimes be an annoyance. You take off your hat and when you arrive it is sometimes the question. True can I put it away safely without it being damaged by someone or taken?

This is where this hat excels, you can easily roll it up and put it in the inside pocket of your jacket! Done with worries.


Exceptionally light.

This hat is lighter than light, every time customers try this hat, their eyes widen in amazement. “You don’t even feel that you are wearing a hat” is often said.

The hair felt that is used is from the very best quality that you can find and it is for that reason that it is easily foldable and light.

Made from the best fur felt:

Borsalino is fanatical when it comes to perfection, which is why every process is closely monitored. The fur felt is made entirely in-house with the best (rabbits / hares) coat that is available.

Made entirely by hand.

There are a total of 52 steps to make a hat like Borsalino’s. You read that right… 52! The process and techniques passed down and perfected from generation to generation have a total of 52 steps. They also do this intensive process completely by hand. This means that it can take 5 to 7 weeks before a hat is made. But this ensures that each hat is of an exceptional quality. So no mass production, child labor or made in a seedy studio far away. Just the passion of a craftsman.

chameleon of a hat.

This hat actually has no fixed shape , allowing it to be molded into any type of hat. Would you rather see a hat with the brim up? no problem. do you prefer to wear with a wide crown? so happens.

However you want it, it’s all possible, you just have to work with it in the beginning. But over time you will know how to find your favorite unique style can create.



so this hat is for you if:

  • you want that comfortable can be taken with you.
  • that you him barely feels that you wear a hat.
  • Can turn him into any shape .
  • That you almost see him all year can wear.




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