Casual Panama Hat Ecua Andino


  • Model: Panama hat with wide brim
  • Brand: Ecua andino
  • Material: toquilla straw
  • Features: breathable, light, sun protection
  • Fit: Hat may feel slightly larger than indicated, chart below shows from left (very tight) to right (very loose).



Casual Panama Hat Ecua Andino

It couldn’t be more casual than this casual Panama hat from Ecua Andino.

Ideal if you always wanted a hat, but you’re afraid it came across as too chic. (No one likes to be taken too seriously).

The hat is based on the authentic Panama hat that is loved by many all over the world, especially in the warm countries of course.

Why so many people reach for Panama hats during the summer is because of the following.

  • The hats are light.
  • Provide excellent sun protection.
  • Wear very pleasant
  • Choose from many styles (something for everyone).
  • Hats that are breathable.

I can certainly name dozens of other points, but I will not bore you too hard with all the small details, but these are the main ones.

You’ve noticed by now that the side of this hat isn’t fully woven together and that wasn’t done by accident. This gives the hat its own personality and its nonchalance.

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Extra large 61/62, Large 59/60, Medium 57/58, Small 55/56


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