“The driver” canvas jeans cap Fiebig


Model: “the working class hero” ivy cap.

Brand: Fiebig.

Material: canvas, cotton.

Features: Sturdy, beautiful, comfortable.

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“the driver” canvas jeans cap :

This canvas jeans cap from the brand Fiebig may not be a standout. It is therefore not a cap with many bells and whistles, but simply simple, fun and casual.

Sometimes it shouldn’t be more, but he still surprises you in other areas.

Extremely strong and easy.

When making the collection, I try out all caps myself. This way I can share my experiences with you and paint a better picture.

The first thing that came to mind when I tried it on was how strong and comfortable it felt.

And that is perfect for those who go through life hard and intensive. Because then if we wear something that is fragile, it is not nice that it breaks quickly.

But if we’re honest, we as men in general can be quite impetuous with our material. Then it is very pleasant when something solid and strong is made.

Whatever the situation, this cap is sure to handle it.

It’s in the details.

The canvas from which the cap is made, in addition to its sturdiness, also gives the cap a casual (jeans) look.

The small nice details on the side and the stitching ensure that the cap has more character.


The cap may not be the most eye-catching or it may not be made with the most luxurious materials out there.

But you don’t have to, because for this modest cap it does everything you want from a cap.

Be comfortable, easy and sturdy. Nothing more, nothing less.


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