“The mechanic” Blue Lead newspaperboycap City sport


  • Brand: City sports.
  • Model: Newspaper boy cap.
  • Material: Lead.
  • Features: water repellent, warm, soft, handmade.

Tight fit: Best to take 1 size larger than normal, unless you already have multiple caps of this brand.



“The mechanic” Blue Lead newspaperboycap City sports:

You probably don’t see a Blue lead newspaperboy cap very often, the model does, but for many this fabric is no longer known. I’m going to change that now.


Loden refers to the wool of a special breed of shelves from Austria. Similar to merino, this special wool also has the properties to be completely water-repellent.

So just like merino, they are soft to the touch, less fluff and non-shrinkable.

The model.

You have often seen it in films or series and nowadays they can no longer be imagined on the streets, the newspaperboycap.

With its large contours and shape, it’s really a statement that you’re not just like the norm.

Bold for some of its size, personally I think it has something.

The color.

The color is so rich and deep that you could almost call it black, but this is actually a very intense dark blue. (Depending on how the light falls on it).

tight fit.

(to the left of the green box indicates how tight the fit is, to the right of the green box says how loose it is)


This is for the real die hard fans who love the authentic. The combination of the deep rich color coupled with unique properties of the fabric make this cap a must have for many.


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