Beret basque Laulhere


Beret basque:

  • Model: Beret basque.
  • Brand: Laulhere.
  • Material: Merino wool, silk.
  • Features: Warm, comfortable, water and dirt repellent.
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Beret Basque.

If you are looking for an authentic beret basque, Laulhere is the right choice. The Berets maker has existed for more than 150 years and is known for its authentic as well as unique designs of berets.

Also interesting to know is that they are also the official suppliers for numerous armies that wear berets in their uniform. This means that their berets are extremely strong and can take a beating.

This Basque beret is the well-known authentic beret. The whole made of merino wool that does not fluff or itch. The inner lining is beautifully finished with silk with an embroidered logo.

Despite what some people think, berets can be worn by both men and women.

Think of a typical Frenchman. Then what are you thinking about?

Probably to a man with a striped sweater, baguette and wine in hand, while wearing a beret.

The sizes for this model are as follows 57 (S), 59 (M), 61 (L).

Laulehre berets are also completely handmade and produced in France.

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