Baseball cap Fishermen Stetson


  • Model: Baseball cap
  • Brand: Stetson
  • Material: 100 % cotton (brushed)
  • Features: comfortable fit, large peak, subtle style, one size

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Baseball cap Fishermen

There’s not much I can say about Stetson’s Fishermen baseball cap.

Except that:

  • Extremely pleasant to wear. This is partly due to the high quality of cotton and that it forms nicely around every head.
  • It is subtle: It is not a cap that stands out too much, which makes it easy to combine with many colors and styles.
  • A good peak: Not that this one is super long which can make it look a little weird, but rather on the wider side which keeps your eyes out of the sun and rain.
  • Easy to adjust. The cap is a one size but with an ingenious system that allows you to neatly tune out the surplus in the cap. (so there is no extra cotton dangling on the side).

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