Attending a wedding or occasion? Wear a bow tie or pocket square!

It is quite an event, an allegiance.

Everyone wants to look their Easter best and sometimes that can be stressful.

What kind of suit? What color will you wear? What shoes to go with that? Etc.

We’re going to tell your how to look effortlessly stylish with just 2 simple accessories, no matter with any suit.

Accessory 1: The cheerful bow tie.

Man wearing a blue suit and a peach bow tie at a wedding.

Some may prefer a tie, but if you ask me, that’s pretty boring, right?

If we have a meeting for business or a job interview you usually wear a tie.

No, then a nicer option is a bow tie. That one is not only more playful, but also special. Outside occasions we never have the chance to wear one.

Accessory 2: The detail that makes it, a pocket square. (pocketsquare)

zoomed in on pechet fidelity.

A pocket square, or “stoeferke” in Flemish vernacular, is a personal favorite of mine.

It is an accessory where men can easily add color to their outfits. Suppose you wear mostly blue, then depending on the pocket square you can add some life to it.

For example, with a contrasting color or complimenting color containing patterns.

A pocket square is also surprisingly nice to wear casually with a jacket (blazer) and with it a plain chino or jeans. You will soon see that it itself has something mundane, suddenly more of a “je ne sais qoui.”

What materials?

Now the most important thing so that everything forms a nice whole. We start with the choice of material, depending on your suit it is best to take a fabric that aligns with the suit itself.

Pair of examples of fabrics one usually uses for a bow tie and pocket square are:

  • Silk: a premium material.Advantage: silk is a material that feels pleasant to the touch, it is also moisture absorbent and can dry fairly to very quickly.Disadvantage: is usually higher in price.

  • cotton: a good basic fabric.advantage: cotton feels soft.disadvantage: does not hold its shape as well as e.g.: silk or linen.

  • linen: one of the best natural materials.Advantage: breathable and rigid fabric that keeps its shape well, pleasant to the touch and shows little or no wet spots (when sweating).Disadvantage: like silk, the price is higher than cotton or polyester, but less than silk itself.

  • polyester: a synthetic material.advantage: retains, good its shape, cheap.disadvantage: feels unpleasant to some.
different materials bow tie and pocket square.

Every man should have few good basics in his wardrobe and these small accessories are worth investment.

Now you can never go wrong with silk or linen in my experience, they feel comfortable and are easy to combine depending on what style you go for.

Do you want to go sophisticated or elegant? Then choose silk.

Is your suit in a slightly more rugged fabric and look? Then go for the linen or cotton.

How to pair a bow tie with a pocket square.

  • Take one of the two accessories in one color and the other with a pattern that includes the color of the other. This makes you bring a little more life and shows others that you know how to work with colors.
  • If you are not sure for both in terms of color and/or patterns. Then take the bow tie and pocket square in the same color and/or patterns. Although this is going to be a missed opportunity to add more and take your style to the next level, this is a safe choice.

Choose colors and patterns that compliment or contrast the color of your suit. As mentioned earlier if you take too much of the same color, your outfit will be very monotonous and we don’t want that.

But the most important accessory a man can have is his self-confidence.

Hopefully this clay article has given you some inspiration.

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