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Mini guide: how to choose the right cap?

There are many different models of caps on the market today. You can choose from many different models in a range of different fabrics.

When caps are new, it can be overwhelming and you’re not sure how to pick the best one for yourself. But don’t worry, after you read this little guide of tips and tricks, you will choose the right cap that suits you best.

We briefly explain the most common models and the names we ourselves use for each model. Our own names make it easy for us to send the correct model for our orders. Because every brand also uses their own names and that can be confusing over time.

In addition, we will also advise which fabrics are best for each season.

The different models of caps:

Newspaperboycap aka “The mechanic” on the webshop.

The best known shape and a personal favorite of mine.

People sometimes ask which model is the most popular and that varies every year. You will certainly be familiar with the Peaky Blinders series or the Downtown Abbey series. If not, you’re missing out on some great series and I definitely recommend watching this one if you have the time. Thanks to them, fashion looks stylish again, and they have made the wide cap popular again among men.

The shape of the cap is larger than other models and can be easily recognized by the button at the top.

This cap exudes character and is not for the rap self-conscious. Because of this, some men don’t take this as their first hat. Which is a shame, because you can combine a surprising number of styles with it, even with nice sneakers it can look great.

linnen newspaperboycap zside

Ivycap aka “The driver“ on the webshop.

A nice sporty model of cap. If you look at the cap from above, you can see that opposite the newspaperboycp it is made with strips. This gives the cap a slimmer silhouette and is the most preferred choice as a first cap.

A nice aspect of this cap is that it looks sportier and younger, good for men with a slender or slightly wider face. But some should pay attention to this, as it can over-accentuate long narrow faces (make them look even longer).

vintage lederen pet cognac merk city sport the driver

The flat cap aka “the handler” on the webshop.

Together with the newspaperboy cap one of the most traditional forms. Typical of this model of cap is that the top is almost made of one piece, so that it falls slightly flatter than other models. Hence the name flat cap.

This model has been modernized over the years and now has more modern contours so that it no longer falls too flat.

This one is medium in size and will flatter many face shapes, especially for faces that are wider.

linnen flat cap the handeler met waterverf patroon

Baseball caps.

Everyone knows them and probably everyone has a copy somewhere at home. With their sporty look, they are usually considered casual, but depending on the type of material, they can also be elegant.

griene katoenen baseball pet van het merk stetson op Harbor of men

6 panel aka “The barber” on the webshop.

This cap has many of its shapes derived from the newspaperboy cap, you could call it its little brother. This one is smaller in size and doesn’t have that iconic button at the top (a relief for some).

If you look at the cap from above, you can see that this shape is stitched with panels.

Due to its more compact shape than its big brother, it looks sportier. Which also makes it flatter for many face shapes.

rooskleurige linnen pet van het merk city sport getilt

Trucker caps.

No introduction or special name needed. These caps are very popular lately and how could it not be otherwise? They have a comfortable fit thanks to their clips, making them a comfortable fit for everyone regardless of size.

The airy mesh on the back of the cap makes them ideal for summer or warmer days of the year.

trucker cap gold stetson

Which cap suits me best?

Now that you have an overview of the different models of caps, you now have an idea which cap you like in terms of shape.

In order to find the right cap for you now, it is important to take the following aspects into account.

Shape of cap.

Not every cap fits every face shape, but many people also make the mistake of choosing the narrowest cap.

People think that a slim fit is flattering because it is less present for them personally. But narrow models tend to accentuate face shapes. So if one has a long and narrow face it can make it look longer. People with a large and round face make the cap look small, which makes their face look even bigger.

From experience it is best to get a cap with a certain width, caps that are not too close to the head flatter most face shapes. Ultimately, the best way is to try it out for yourself first.

The type of material.

An aspect that is surprisingly overlooked. You don’t want to know how often I see people walking around with a winter cap (or even a winter hat).

People choose their cap because of the style and color(s), but not every material is suitable for every season or occasion. It would be like some people walking around with cardigans made from wool in the summer.

That is why it is important to see what the cap is made of, so that you will have much more fun wearing your cap.

Are the caps on Harbor Of Men only for men?

The collection on our website is indeed aimed at men, but ladies can look just as good with it and sometimes even better with it.

The only thing ladies have to pay attention to is to select the appropriate size. In general, women need a smaller size, the most common size for women is around 56 to 57 while the men have size 58 to 59.