Bellin shirts.

I am certainly not the only one who thinks this, there is nothing like a linen shirt for the summer (besides a nice fresh cocktail perhaps).

But did you know that the best linen in the world comes from Belgium? No, probably not (and if I’m honest I didn’t know this at first either).

If I tell you what linen is made of, your franc will suddenly fall.

Linen is made from…. flax and who has the largest flax industry? Yes, our tiny country, which has been around since the 1800s. More in West Flanders than the rest of Belgium, but we can still call it a Belgian product.

At Bellin they choose to go exclusively for Belgian linen, how could it be otherwise?

When you wear it, you immediately notice how pleasant it is to wear this quality of fabric.

You will also realize that despite their thickness, they are still breathable.

The thickness of fabric is not a coincidence, they chose it for the following reasons:

– as mentioned before still a while breathable as a thinner version.

Nice to meet you feel when wearing.

– They because of this (a lot) wrinkle less or quickly than a thinner version (will still wrinkle).

– To be not translucent (which is sometimes an annoyance with shirts).

The fit.

The fit is slightly centered (not a slim fit!). A linen shirt should certainly not be too tight, it is more pleasant to wear.

The model nicely accentuates the shoulders and maintains the figure nicely. Much better than a straight fit shirt, which sometimes makes you look bigger (in the waistline).

the shirt is designed to be worn loose, but is long enough to tuck into your pants if you wish.


Available colors.

The collection is (for now) available in 5 nice colors including:

  • Cassis (or brick red).
  • camel
  • Blue
  • natural (flax color)


available soon

  • white
  • taupe


Also what Bellin is very proud of is that they make everything close to home (in Europe) and also work plastic free (nothing wrapped in plastic).


The brand is still young, so for the time being their collection only consists of shirts for men, but they are now expanding to trousers.


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