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Harbor of men: More than an ordinary hat shop.

When you think of a hat shop today, you probably think of it as a business that has been run as a family business for several generations. Unfortunately, we don’t have such a story, but it is rather a humble beginning. The business was created by chance, luck and love for the product.

How it started.

Starting young on the market, I wanted to change what people associated with the market: “On the market you will only find cheap junk.” I wanted to do this by offering certain products each season that were practical for that specific season. During the summer it was sleeveless t-shirts, t-shirts, baseball caps, etc… in a nice light material. In the winter you could find me with beautiful and warm scarves, hats, gloves, etc.…


Place of the market where it started, the “vogel markt”.

One day one of my suppliers had nice models of flat caps in his collection. (this was not what he usually offered) I myself always liked those retro, vintage styles and still think it exudes class. Not sure if other people like it as much, I decided to give it a go anyway.

If I don’t sell them I suddenly have a nice personal collection for myself, those were my thoughts behind it.

To my surprise I had sold everything and in time became known as the boy with the hats and caps on the market.

Present day.

Now years later I have been able to expand from my small humble beginnings on the market to my own business located in the heart of Antwerp. The store focuses on authentic collections for men.

You will find brands that are well established in their industry such as: Stetson, Borsalino, City sport, Derby sport, Mayser, Alfonso D’este, etc.…

We also offer a small collection of clothing from microbrands such as Bellin who make clothing in Belgian linen and Gozer who focus on waistcoats. After years, the focus of the business is still the same as in the beginning: Quality over quantity. In the neighborhood? Feel free to come and visit us sometime and who knows, see you soon.

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Prefers authenticity over the mainstream. Love to create new things and discover what makes something good.

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